A Special Funeral

A Good Send-Off: Creative Ideas For A Special Funeral

No matter how hard it is to say a final goodbye to someone, you have to accept the loss and move on. Funeral is the way to bid a final farewell in the best way you can. Many people wish to embrace the farewell in the most unique and poignant way by thinking hard for their funeral gifts to mark a personal touch for their friends and family.

You might already prepare for your people by talking to the other people about your wishes and how you like to say a goodbye to the world. Talking to the relatives about it, might grant you a perfect funeral which could be the way you always wanted to be remembered.


Below are mentioned some great send-off ideas for the farewell:

Hand Out the seed cards: These are the best ways to make your special person remembered especially when he or she had been a vivid lover of plants and flowers. The card would be a personalised gesture and the guests can always remember the person by looking at the plant grown from the seed you gifted and at the end that is the soul purpose we last for.

Re-use Funeral flowers: If you would have arranged a funeral before, you might be familiar with the lot, flowers and bouquets comes into handy more than you know. You feel guilt in throwing them away knowing for what occasion they had been dedicated for, and cannot think of, what must be done with them. The best way to utilise them is, either give them to the guests as a thank you gesture for their visit. If this doesn’t feel suitable for you, you can also use them into making a jewellery. You can easily blend the crushed leaves of the flowers into clay, bake the clay and form neckpieces and other jewellery out of it. You can also gift these to the guests who pay a visit to the funeral.

Give away books: This might the best send-off especially if a person used to be a vivid reader. It would make even a better impact if the person used to own a library with a set of his favourite books. What a better way to remember a person than by thinking about him every time a person reads a book from his shelf. This would be a perfect memento of memory to share with the guests.